My Darker Days

by Biiko

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My Darker Days is emotionally set in the final two years I spent in Chicago before moving to Michigan. There's always light in the darkness, and I wanted the album to show a valley, starting with brighter songs, before dipping into sounds that, in my mind, evoke a darker imagery. "Rock Bottom" is the song that marks the passing up to the other side of the valley, which has some steps with more energy, but with the knowledge of the previous descent.

Really though, this is the story of My Darker Days


released October 16, 2016

All music by Biiko

Orchestral backing for Matt Damon and percussion for Whiter Shades of Grey and Lims found on

Album art courtesy of Max van Schendel



all rights reserved


Biiko Chicago, Illinois

i just make music i like to hear and maybe someone else will too

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Track Name: Wind in the Reeds
there was a dream, i knew i had to dream it
fifty fifty's never much, but i'm out of touch
inches away
racking my brain to give you reasons to stay

maybe there's a line i haven't thought of yet?
maybe there's a chance if i keep scribbling, scribbling
dribbling drool won't do me no good
unconventional, sure, but cracking open my hood you
pump my heart, set my veins on fire
shake my soul when cliches are tired
straightforward's gotta be the path to take
so it's a damn shame i'm not cool enough to say

"stay with me, the possibilities are endless, love"

the wind in the reeds, i hear it speak your name
it's like a bulwark mirth against every day the same
all i wanted was time but all i needed was birth
reincarnate my essence, rip lids off, unearth
all the stories i've hidden in alcoves long past
taste excitement and yearning
from truths you're still learning
the wind in the reeds, the story on my hands
it's talking that's painless when my sharing's shameless

there was a dream, i knew i had to dream it
sixty-forty, yeah i'm ever the optimist. what's there to say?
ten-ninety's probably accurate, but despair's passé
i know that's hypocritical in my darker days
but there's glimmers that i'll get it not giving in, giving in
giving up now won't do me no good
so if i'm wrong this time, then it's still sublime

to believe again this journey my feet tread
will lead me on to greater things
cause i can change my life, but i can't change my death
so take the ride, it's all i've got

oh say you stayed with me
the possibilities are endless, love
i'm itching to know what's in store

so stay with me, the possibilities are endless, love
i'm itching to know what's in store
Track Name: The Smoother the Better
guess we're talking bout diamonds now?
nonsequiters in a vacuum
but hey, at least it sounds cool
though no radio would think so

oh my lanta, what can i say
to keep your interest?
it's all too trite, i need a break
so hear you go

slam, bam, thank you ma'am
don't know where it's coming from
feeling strong til you
realize it don't mean a damn
cause i tried way to hard
tried and tried til i was forced
to look at what i am
some poor sap that gave a damn
Track Name: These Pills
if i take these pills will it matter anymore?
or will it stay the same,
but in a different, funny, stupid kind of way

if i take two pills
will you go away?
will you go away and stay?
go away and stay this time?

what does it matter now
what does it matter anymore
not that i'm keeping score

i've got something to say, but it slipped my mind
it's on the tip of my tongue

maybe i'll claim i'm just insane, say
that the feeling's lost on me
how could i possibly understand my brain?
but it's such a shame i'll believe my lies all of the days
that i spread them up and down my body
praying hard you'll never see

my core, and what it has in store for you
and the wishes that i'll keep untrue
because i'd rather let the dream sink in than ever hurt again
Track Name: When You Close Your Eyes
Track Name: Long Time Coming
"help me, help me"
it's what she said with her eyes
before she fell out
for crimes she's still committing
and i'm still committed, so

"help me, help me"
it's what she asked
before they took and locked with a key
inside a dark and dingy dungeon
and i said no.

well i said no
i said no, and i said no

"help me, help me
it's what you promised,
i asked you then and i need you now
so help me help me
help me, help me"

no, it's time to take responsibility
it's time to just accept
that you're the one you've made yourself

for a long time now, long time coming
why? why? why? tell me why

red in the face with embarrassment
you'll sweat it out
enjoy your time

for a long time now, it's been a long time coming
don't tare tell me that you need me
for a long time now, long time coming
why? why? why? tell me why
Track Name: Afraid of Me
i do remember how we met and what it started
throughout a mess i developed this insatiability
and baby, i'd be afraid of me too
oh i'd be afraid of me

i do believe now in wanting what i had
circumstance and trouble
a match made, but not in heaven's hand
and baby i'd be afraid of me too
oh i'd be afraid of me
Track Name: Grids With X's
this is confusing for me
wish i had the words
but all i've got is gaps in reason

you ever catch that glimpse inside
someone else's vessel?
i knew i liked you before i met you

i'm not one for small talk though
i've got too many other things in mind
what's in my mind?

i knew i liked you
before i met you, oh
that's just my gaps in reason talking
sense has never been my forte

they called me crazy
they called me so many things
i don't know the meaning of
but where's my sanity?
i swear i had it here beside me
aren't you beside me?
Track Name: Eparation
a part time sunset rolled in and spilled all it's rays
the purples squished the reds out in my place, well
the imagery gripped me and i followed my thoughts like
a dandelion spore against the backdrop of the stars

"if you're always looking up, you'll drown in the rain"
that's what your father told me in a dream i had made
your mother just kept quiet, she's got scales on her tongue
so i caught my pace up and kept floating along

but my progress is nothing because i get caught
by pictures of kittens and games i don't remember
oh my disconnected thinking's got me off of a leash
because you, you always...

you wouldn't wear tight clothes unless you cared what
all those other eyes would see when they might look up
but that's okay, i like the way they hold you
cause i'm a sucker for a sweetheart with two reasons
for me to separate my outsides for a good time

off and on and off the path again
i don't tread slowly
break it down with middle fingers raised
when i'm feeling filthy
eventual remainders of the whole
that i don't have time for
if i'm not supposed to walk away
then what are these feet for

i don't mean to be unreasonable
i've got my thoughts and you're just mad
cause they ain't yours

just because i'm not tired
don't mean i'll never sleep again
it's not like that, it's just not like that
just because i won't fuck you
don't mean i don't love you
it's not like that, it's just not like that

but what would you do if i told you
your lips taste like plastic?
and what would you do if i told you
i only lie sometimes?
but what would you do if i told you
you words were contagious?
and what would you do if i told you
it's stuck in my mind?